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About Patti

Patti Couture has been researching immigrant and New England genealogy for 15 years as Legacy Genealogists. Her specialty is French-Canadian research, but Patti can help you find your Portuguese, Jewish or Italian ancestors who have lived in Massachusetts.

A past president of several organizations, Patti is also a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and maintains the highest degree of professional discretion and confidentiality with your family information.


Patti regularly visits the the following locations in the New England Area for Genealogical research:

  • American-Canadian Genealogical Society, Manchester, NH
  • National Archives, Waltham, MA Branch
  • Massachusetts Archives
  • Massachusetts Vitals
  • Patti is also available to address your group, or to give beginner seminars. She has addressed such groups as the American Mensa National Gathering, Amateur Radio conventions, the education talks at the Massachusetts Archives, Hadassah, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Boston (beginner classes), Central Mass.Genealogical Society, and has given orientation talks at the NARA Federal Archives.

    If you would like Patti to research for you, please contact her for rates and other information.

    Please contact Patti at: pjcouture@aol.com


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